Welcome to Mastering Transitions in Care.

The conference will help hospice and palliative care professionals improve their care during “transitions” – the challenging times when providing excellent continuity, communication, continuing assessment and quality care are most critical yet sometimes go awry.

Some of the sessions will tap into families’ experiences with hospice and palliative care; they will teach us how to better respond to their needs. Other sessions will help us better navigate and facilitate turning points in care, with topics such as prognostication, deprescribing, when mental illness is present and other hot topics that require a shift in our assessment, intervention and even the direction of care. All will be focused on mastery and help ensure that care of the highest caliber is provided.

Conference Objectives

At the completion of this conference, participants will be able to:

  • Identify key points of transition from patients’, families’ and professionals’ perspectives;
  • Discuss improvements in continuity, communication and provision of care;
  • Describe two or more interdisciplinary strategies to provide high quality hospice and palliative care during key points on transition.   

Day 1

At the end of this conference day, identify one thing you have learned that you can apply to your practice to improve transitions during care.

Day 2

At the end of this conference day, what new approaches to transitions have you learned that you can share with colleagues?

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